This 1 eksir powder will permanently eliminate gas and constipation

Now a days, whether it is older people or young people, everyone is having a stomach problem. In which gas, constipation, indigestion, feeling heavy in the stomach, not cleaning the stomach daily are common. This indicates that your digestion is poor. Now, medicine should not be taken for all these problems, so we will tell you about a miraculous powder which, if taken daily, will eliminate all these problems.

This 1 eksir powder will permanently eliminate gas and constipation 


20 grams of ginger

40 grams whole coriander

20 gms

20 grams of rock salt

200 grams of sugar

20 g lemon extract

20 g amla powder

15 grams of cumin

15 grams of ajmo

Rite of Consumption

You can take this powder made for keeping the digestive system healthy for any stomach problem. If you have gas and constipation, take one teaspoon with lukewarm water 15-20 minutes after eating daily. This will also help to activate the digestive system and boost metabolism.

Build this way

First, fry the cumin, parsley and coriander separately. Then take a PC with these three. Then take PC if ginger and amla if whole. Take a pc of sugar too. Now mix all the ingredients well. Your powder is ready. Fill this powder into a glass or air tight jar. This powder is rich in herbs. Which is very beneficial for you. Regular consumption of this powder also increases the strength to fight against diseases. This is also due to a boost in metabolism. This powder also increases the production of antibodies in the body.

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