Google Meet features users' work

Google Meet has unveiled a new feature on its meeting app Google Meet. It also has the option of noise cancellation. It can be downloaded from Google Meet's Android and iOS app, but be careful not to rush to update your own app right now. If you are a G Suite Enterprise or a G Suite Enterprise for Education, don't be in a hurry to update the Google Meet app.

Google Meet features users' work 

Feature will be turned off by default

G Suite tires are currently given the option to clear the noise that is not visible in the video. This feature will be available to all in the coming weeks. Google has said that this feature will be turned off by default. It will have to be turned on again.

For that you have to go to audio after going to call setting menu.

This feature will then restart when the noise cancellation is turned on.

This feature is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Unwanted noise will be removed and the meeting will be easier to run smoothly.

Also try to eliminate the problem

During the meeting, noise from outside, noise from neighbors' houses or air conditioners etc. is heard and this has become a common thing during work from home. Google has also tried to eliminate the problem in meetings by giving the option of noise cancellation.

A lot of help in automatic removal

After opening this feature of Google Meet, your work is done. This will then eliminate other voices coming from the meeting other than your own. Automatic deletion of outside sounds will help a lot. This feature will be available to all in the next few weeks or days and the noise problem in the meeting will also be eliminated.

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